Submitting Manuscripts by Attachments


       Line and Content Editing for:


          .  novels

          .  short stories  

          .  memoir



       If location and workshop schedules  are difficult, whether you are working in first rough draft, or toward development or revision, or for final feedback, you may submit material by attachment, .doc or .docX, double-spaced, Times New Roman 12 or similar, normal margins.

       Notes will be added within the text:  pointing out what is working so very well and why, what you might wish to consider strenthening: reasons, suggestions, and examples provided.  Attention to: the dymanics of point-of-view and non-point-of-view characters, particulars of characterization, motivations, dialogue, use of sensory and setting, pacing, focus, and the deep down core of material.  Special attention to specifics you wish examined. 

       Overview included.  E-mail conversation available at the conclusion of notes.

       Support for material given, honesty with gentle touch, always constructive.


 Contact: for discussion of your needs and pricing.     


  Carol Lee Lorenzo