And They Also Said:





  "I walked into Carol Lee Lorenzo's writing class with no  clear idea of what it took to write a piece of fiction.  Now I do know something that I didn't back then, that writing is an art, not a mathematical equation.

     Carol Lee taught me that.  She taught me a lot of things.  I've talked to other students and everyone says the same thing.  She treated us each like a class of one.  She read our manuscripts and wrote up her thoughts in mostly legible script along the borders and between the lines.  She read every word of every story, giving us perspectives we not only missed, but usually didn't know existed.

      Today, I still have every story I submitted, complete with her comments, and when I rewrite one of those stories, I study her notes with the same intensity I did back then.  It's been a great ride, but everything started when I sat down at a table with several other befuddled students, wondering what sort of magic could turn this frog into a published writer. 

       Now I know.  Carol Lee's magic."

                                                                                               Bob Kalkreuter,

                                                                                               46 stories in magazines, 2 nominations for Puschcart Prize


       "Carol Lee somehow always manages to strike the perfect balance between the critical and the constructive, a very difficult feat.  She takes the craft seriously yet presents her material with good humor; she devotes great effort and time to her critical review of the work that her students turn in each week and masterfully manages the workshop portion of her classes so that the studen obtains the greatest benefit from each session. Carol Lee is an experienced writer and a wonderful teacher."

                                                                                                 R. P. Finch

                                                                                                 Author of Skin in the Game,   Livingstone Press (2013)


        "In the 6 years  I have known her, Carol Lee has taught me so much.  I learnt to listen to my characters and let them grow, rather than forcing them into an unnecessary plot or situation.  She made me an honest, unafraid writer.  Her classes are invaluable and the feedback she gives is on point.  The class also gives the opportunity to listen to other's work and learn to identify what works and what doesn't.  It teaches you to take criticism and use it constructively in rewriting.  Carol Lee really is one of the most inspiring people I have met in my life, and I can't recommend her classes enough."

                                                                                                   Kate Wolff-Ingham, Finalist, Glimmertrain Open Fiction Award, "Moth Eyes."